Surgical Innovations is a south Florida company committed to bringing new and innovative devices into the medical community. The MASTR by Surgical Innovations is our premier device.

The MASTR was designed to allow the physician a consistent manor of tissue retraction that is low in profile and sturdy enough to withstand the thick muscular neck ,as well as, the thinner neck. The design was approached with an emphasis on creating a safe environment for the patient and standardizing the procedure for the physician.

The MASTR by Surgical Innovations of Pompano Beach, Florida, is a one size fits all self-retaining disposable surgical retractor designed for thyroidectomy and related procedures. The MASTR is the only retractor on the market as far as our research has found which retracts the platysma muscle and strap muscles out of the operative site and can be used to perform single sided thyroidectomy procedures without opening the contralateral strap muscles. This avoids causing scar tissue to form between the contralateral side strap muscles and thyroid.

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The MASTR Retractor’s design is unique, allowing the base to sweep upward slightly under the chin of the patient and downward on each side of the neck to conform to the anatomy of the neck area.

The MASTR Retractor is designed with safety measures, including safety stops in the retractor arms and base. Surgeons who have used it give the MASTR Retractor two thumbs up.

The benefits of using the MASTR Retractor during surgical procedures include six direction retraction, no lacerating or sharp edges (atraumatic), and simplicity of assembly and use...